19-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide In Ebonyi, As Boyfriend Rejects Pregnancy

A 19-year-old lady, identified simply as
Chiamaka, at the weekend committed suicide
for being pregnant. Chiamaka took her life in
her residence at No. 17 Nwike Street,
Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. The lady, who hailed
from Ohaozara Local Government Area of the state, was said to have hanged herself after
her parents told her that they could not buy
her what she had demanded for the Yuletide
because they discovered she was pregnant.
A source close to the family said Chiamaka
had, after discovering that she was pregnant, informed her boyfriend responsible for the
pregnancy and who also lives in the same
building but the boy denied being responsible
for the pregnancy.
“Chiamaka was not happy that her boyfriend
denied her in her trying moment because her parents threatened to sanction her for being
pregnant. “The parents were very angry
about it because we, the neighbours, always
hear when they quarrelled with her because
of the pregnancy and she thought the best
thing to do was to go to her boyfriend, at least to have a rest of mind.
“But she was disappointed that the boy
denied her and I think this might be the
reason why she hanged herself,” the source
added. When our correspondent visited the
house, most of the residents had fled the building for fear of arrest while residents of
the street were discussing the incident in
groups. When contacted, the state Police
Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Assistant
Superintendent of Police (ASP) George Okafor,
said he was yet to receive official report on the matter.


According to an American website, www.ranker.com, that has compiled a detailed list of the most famous prophets in the world, two
Nigerian prophets, Prophet TB Joshua and Prophet
Joseph Babalola, are on the list.T.B. Joshua, Pastor
of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)
held the number 15 spot while Joseph Ayo
Babalola, the founder of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), held number 36.
Ranker’s website reported that they have “built one
of the world’s largest opinion databases, collecting
more than 250 million user votes”.
The website is known to provide ‘crowd-sourced
rankings’, therefore attracting more than 20 million visits, monthly.
Majority of the 79 ‘prophets’ chronicled by the
website are ancient figures from Biblical or Islamic
history such as Moses, Shuaib and Isaiah, with
Jesus Christ topping the list.
“This list of notable prophets is ordered by their level of prominence,” Ranker revealed in the
introduction put together for the list. “What they
have in common is that they’re all renowned
However, Prophet TB Joshua is the only individual
mentioned who is still alive and one of seven from the modern era.Babalola, who is credited with
popularising ‘Aladura’ in Nigeria and across Africa,
died in 1959.
T.B. Joshua’s alleged prophecies on world events
have proved very controversial,often stirring
debate on social mediums after their release. The cleric is reported to have predicted world
events such as the terrorist attacks in Paris, the
mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Flight
MH370 and the death of pop legend, Michael

Laptop Owners beware of this Virus online [READ & SHARE]

This is very important and after reading this article, i
would like you to share with your friends that
owns a laptop. Recently, a deadly malware called
Ransom32 has been unleashed. According to
Betanews, this is the first JavaScript-based
ransomware that can infect Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs. It does this by using a Node.js runtime
environment running on the NW.js platform to hack
into an operating system, then it holds the PC
ransom. The surprising thing is anyone can create this on
the dark web, all you will need to do is pay 25% of
the money generated to the authors. According to
Fabian Wosar, a security expert via Betanews, “The
initial infection method is nothing out of the
ordinary, involving little more than using spam emails to lure victims into installing the
ransomware. Delivered as a compressed RAR file,
Ransom32 self-extracts and uses WinRAR’s
scripting language to configure the malware to
launch at system startup, establishing a connection
to a ‘command and control server’ using the bundled Tor client. Files are encrypted and a
ransom note is issued, warning that the cost of
decrypting files will increase as time goes by. So what can you do to protect yourself?
Unfortunately, since anti-virus software
manufacturers have been slow to push out
definitions that detect Ransom32, you have
little help from them, what you can do is: Have a backup strategy in place.
Do not access .zip attachments in e-mails from
unknown senders.
Do not click links in e-mails from unknown senders.
If you can see the actual link, copy and test it using
this website. Avoid questionable websites and never click links
in unknown web page.

How to check if your national ID card is ready

So, the National Identity Management Commission
(NIMC) made it possible for Nigerians who have registered for their National ID Card to check the
status of it online.

You can check yours here:

The details MUST be as you spelt them during enrollment.Please check your NIN Slip.

NB: NIN stands for National Identification Number, Goodluck.

Why You Should Always Shut Down Your Phone Before Removing The Battery

Why you should always Shut down Your Phone
before removing the battery
Many people are fond of this atitude, they just
pulled out the battery without shutting down your
Lemme tell you some reason this is bad for your phone.
When you turn the phone off correctly, it knows
that power will be disconnected shortly. That
means all the apps and the operating system get
the chance to save whatever needs to be saved and
to go through their proper shutdown sequence. Simply removing the battery will essentially
instantly crash every running app as well as the
operating system. It’s like unplugging your
computer while it’s running; you can do it, but it’s a
bad idea.
And another is that While turning off your phone, the operating system ensures that every access to
the phone’s memory and external memory is
properly terminated. If you take out the battery
before shutting, you may corrupt the memory
which may lead to unexpected behavior. Always
turn off your phone before taking out the battery. Hope you get this, so always tell others to turn off
thier phone before removing the battery.
More phone tips coming your way. Stay tune.

True story of How a soldier escaped death in MAIDUGURI

Ado Bala (a soldier in the Nigerian Army) posted:
“To God Be The Glory…I was in the company of Col
E.Odeh, Mjr. Y M. Isa. Brig. A. Adegoke. While at a
junction near an area called Gonge 1 in Maiduguri
town, a girl of about 8yrs old came towards us with
a rubber bucket of 5 liter container size with pure water (satchet water) on the surface while beneath
the water, the container was filled up with 2 kg of
samtex improvised explosive. She move near me
and I said to her in Hausa “Ke ina zuwa ai babu
hanya!” (“Hey girl where are you going there’s no
road” “The young girl replied in Hausa: “Wancan ne ya ce
in kawo muku” (Meaning – “It’s that man that said I
should bring you this water”
I said “drop it on that sand! Luckily the girl dropped
it and I was about 12 meters away from her.
I noticed the young man she was pointing at and I hurriedly ordered for his arrest while he was trying
to dodge.
I shouted to my colleagues to pan out and I took
the little girl away quickly for safety.
Luckily, the device didn’t explode and the bokoboy
is now in custody. Imaging the man just met the little girl on the street
she was sent by her mother to go and buy
foodstuff at a nearby shop.
I asked the mother not to send her out again, the
mother started crying and told us that the girl just
returned from an Arabic primary school near by. Let’s us all be very vigilante.

Top 10 Revelations From The Don Jazzy And Olamide Showdown At The Headies

The beauty of anger and outburst is that it has a
way of purging an individual of hidden secrets and
bitterness he has been nursing over time. Olamide’s
rants on Twitter about Mavin records producer, Don
Jazzy speaks volume of a lot about the Bariga,
Lagos born indigenous artiste. Below are some top revelations deduced from the
entire scenario: (1) Olamide and Don Jazzy were never really
friends: Olamide and Don Jazzy could have recorded one hit
song titled ‘Skelemba’ together but the relationship
between the duo was a mere working relationship
which is indicated in the despicable things Olamide
said about Don Jazzy freely via the social media like
he rehearsed for it. (2) Olamide is of a highly questionable
character: Music they say comes from the soul and there is the
high possibility of an artiste singing from the way
he sees the society. Olamide has been known to be
vulgar in his songs. He preaches violence, talks
about indiscriminate sex, alcohol and weed. He
portrayed the vivid picture on the Headies Award stage by using swear words in Yoruba language.
He also allegedly destroyed the Headies green
room and beat up a fan that hailed him at the event.
This is not the image he wants his son, Miliano to
take after. (3) Don Jazzy may not be as good as we think
he is in music productions: Olamide alleged on Twitter that Don Jazzy has
recruited some ‘maids’ who help him in cooking
beats while he puts his name on it and claims the
credit. It’s a pity he didn’t go further on this
interesting revelation. There is no smoke without
fire and there is an element of truth in every rumour. Olamide must have exploited a crack in the
Mavins dynasty to obtain that rare information. Don
Jazzy will expectedly tidy up loose ends in order
not to tarnish his brilliant resume. (4) Don Jazzy’s humility on the social media
might be a publicity stunt: Olamide accused Don Jazzy of giving
unprecedented support to one comical fellow or
presumably an artiste named Vic O who has
recorded some of the worst songs in the history of
Nigerian entertainment like his Adele’s Hello cover.
According to the YBNL boss, Don Jazzy was only following Twitter trends to maintain recognition on
the social media. (5) Olamide’s reference to Don Jazzy’s alleged
ill-treatment of former colleague, Dbanj shows
the ‘pounded yam’ of 10 years may still be
steaming: Olamide accused Don Jazzy of ‘killing Dbanj with
packaging’ which sounds connotative. He also
claimed Dbanj who is older than the producer
named him ‘the Don’ out of respect while they
worked together. This according to Olamide is
some sort of respect Don Jazzy doesn’t deserve. (6) Olamide lobbied to feature Mavin female
artiste, Di’ja on a song but Don Jazzy sabotaged
the collaboration: This is another sign of a strained relationship
between Don Jazzy and Olamide as the request to
feature Di’ja could have been thwarted by her boss
due to his apathy for Olamide’s songs and probably
that of his crew members. (7) Olamide seems to be in control of some
Lagos miscreants: Olamide who claims to represent the street has
vowed to attack Don Jazzy if he visits the Mainland
part of Lagos where he is based and dominates
with his people as against Don Jazzy who stays on
the Island. This reminds me of the bitter rivalries in
Nigerian politics. ( Wande Coals seems impressed with Olamide
for attacking his former boss, Don Jazzy: Former Don Jazzy’s Mo’hits singer, Wande Coal went
on Twitter and laughed at the whole trending
drama by typing ‘LOL’ after which he followed
Olamide on Twitter. On a day like that, out of
vigilance, it’s safe to say he supported Olamide
against Don Jazzy due to some reservations. (9) The weakness or conspiracy of the Headies
Awards Committee has been exposed: Many social media users felt the award should have
gone to Kiss Daniel with his monster hit titled ‘Woju’
and ‘Laye’ which were like the MTV anthem. Lil Kesh
is more popular than Reekado Banks. So what
happened? Maybe the streets which the YBNL crew
represents don’t use the internet or vote. They only support by listening. (10) Don Jazzy’s maturity and composure after
Olamide’s painful verbal assaults against him
on Twitter shows how deep he regards his
image in the Nigerian society. This has a close similarity to that of the altercation
between the former Minister of Niger Delta affairs,
Elder Godsday Orubebe and the former Chairman of
the Independent National Electoral Commission,
Professor Attahiru Jega during the announcement
of the presidential elections results. The way Di’ja showed excitement at the way Don
Jazzy called out Olamide on the stage speaks
volume of the childishness in her which she needs
to get over in order to lead her fans productively.
Additionally, it also depicts a clash of interests and
priorities between Olamide and Don Jazzy. Don Jazzy felt it was all about the Hyundai car award
while Olamide was infuriated as he was fighting for
the alleged robbed honour of Lil Kesh, his artiste.

How a fowl took a man to the hospital

A fowl on Friday around Konwea Plaza in Asaba,
Delta State allegedly pecked a buyer to coma,
leaving the crowd who had thronged the scene to
catch a glimpse of the incident to scamper for
It was gathered that a big broiler on sale with others by the plaza, pecked the buyer identified as
Sunday Ibie on his eyes.
The customer, who had wanted to buy the chicken,
immediately fell to the ground breathing heavily
before he was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre,